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  • Bishop Kweku Amponsah

    Lighthouse Chapel Switzerland

    We want to extend this invitation for you to come along and become part of our church family. For you are valued by the Lord and he has a purpose for you, he's placed within you a special gift and we as a church, would love to see you grow within your gifts.

  • Dag Heward-Mills

    Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Author .......

    Dag Heward-Mills a man who has been singularly forged by the fire of the Word of God, which cause his eyes to burn with a vision for the Body of Christ that shall impact the entire world. He is a dynamic apostle, evangelist, pastor, teacher, and prophet.

  • The Qodesh

    Come One, Come All...

    One of the joys of life is to discover a friendly, vibrant
    church. At Lighthouse Chapel we believe that maturing
    in Christ Jesus is the key to understanding life and
    Christian service, for Jesus is the joy of life and living.
    You are welcome to join us in worshiping God and
    prayerfully thanking Him.

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